Interests and areas of expertise

As I am naturally drawn to creative rather than technical fields, I have chosen to specialise in texts that require excellent written skills and a real flair for language: magazines and websites for charities and cultural institutions, tourist brochures, memoirs, educational and training material, advertisements, recipes, communication and correspondence, etc. I also specialise in texts concerning the environment and human rights.

I have played the violin since I was a child and am currently principal second violin and Chairperson of the North London Symphony Orchestra. I have always had a passion for music and a special interest in art and culture in general.

I also translate legal texts virtually on a daily basis, mostly for the European institutions.


My areas of expertise can be summed up as follows:

  • Literature
  • The arts, history and culture
  • Newspapers, magazines and tourism
  • NGOs and human rights
  • The environment
  • Corporate contracts
  • The European institutions
  • Advertising and marketing